Strange, Lost and Unusual Words

The Project Twins, based in Ireland, have used their graphic art skills to illustrate this collection of strange, unusual and lost words. I am determined to start using as many of these words as I can in conversation - do this with me and together we can help bring them out of obscurity!

Possessing a violent desire to write.

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And the title of Book Two of THE ABILITY is…..


I can’t wait to see it sitting alongside THE ABILITY on the bookshelves! 

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can show you the cover too - I’ve seen the sketches and it’s looking AMAZING! It’s being illustrated by the same artist as THE ABILITY - the incredibly talented Iacopo Bruno. As soon as it’s finished and I get the go-ahead, I will post it here.

Do you recognize a book in this photograph?!


Child Genius - Channel 4 (UK)

The very talented photographer Mark Johnson (I know I am biased, but this is true - see his work here) included ‘The Ability’ in this publicity shot for the new Channel 4 documentary ‘Child Genius’. Mark also gave Shrinidhi, the girl pictured, a copy to keep and she loved it - high praise indeed coming from her!

Child Genius will be aired on Channel 4 (UK only), Tuesdays at 9pm.

Hilarious Review for Mo Willem’s ‘We Are In A Book’!


(by William Galaini, Goodreads)

Alright … this is going to get awfully heavy for a children’s book. 

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Debut Author Book Tour 4

And so it is that all good things must eventually come to an end - but what an end! Two weeks spent in the state of New York, having far too much fun to call it work. And here, for the last time on this tour, are the things that I have learned:

  • In my (entirely unbiased) opinion, McNally Jackson Books is the best bookstore in New York City. Not only do they enlist the best reviewers (see 9 year old Lucas’s review of THE ABILITY here) but they also hold the best events - such as this Authors vs Editors Family Feud evening:image(pictured is Jordan Brown. Surprisingly, presenting game shows is not his full time job. HarperCollins should beware if Steve Harvey quits Family Feud - they may lose themselves a senior editor)
  • If you ask 100 people in the publishing industry what the most common emotional issues addressed in middle-grade books are, you will end up with the world’s most depressing list (see above). Well, the ‘romance, crush’ thing is cheerful enough but I’m guessing that’s only because they didn’t have enough space to put ‘unrequited’ at the front. 

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when and where do you see the answer

So sorry - I have been answering questions and it seems they haven’t been going anywhere! I am going to do a post by tomorrow with answers to all the questions I have received on here. It will show up on this main page. And thank you for getting in touch! MMV

Wonderful Reader Review!

I met this lovely girl during my book tour and she sent me her review of THE ABILITY - I absolutely LOVE it! And so well written too - I think you may be looking at a future author here. I also think she deserves an ‘A’ for her report, don’t you?!

If you had found out you had a power that can control people’s minds, would you use it responsibly? Christopher Lane and five other children have to make that very decision. Chris is known for getting into trouble at school, and ever since he’s been left to take care of his mother, he has had to take up responsibility that makes him different than other kids his age. This novel goes beyond having magical powers and introduces a skill called The Ability to the children at the old school, Myers Holt, the setting where the children will be taught. The only problem that stalls the students in their success is an old friend of The Ability who now wants scores to be settled. But as many know, if not put aside, revenge can destroy a person. The Ability by M.M. Vaughan is 330 pages of completely jaw-dropping secrets and magical chapters, all leading up to a perfect last sentence, that will leave you begging for the next novel.